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Ariel Posen Signature Guitar Slides


Ariel Posen Signature Guitar Slides

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Ariel has become a staple in songwriting, singing and certainly slide guitar. His guitar slide is a stretched out version of our original small brass balltip.  The balltip adds even more weight for long sustain and gives the ability to play on the tip. Served up 3 different ways in polished brass, nickel plated brass, or aged brass.

For a longer/larger version of this slide check out our line of balltip guitar slides.

17.5mm x 59mm Ring Size 6-8

1 review for Ariel Posen Signature Guitar Slides

  1. mlscola

    The Ball tip is a great slide, the weight is perfect. Unfortunately for me Ariel’s slide size is a bit too small for my pinky. The key is your finger should fit all the way in (like a glove) which allows you to use the tip as well as the length. There’s a joke trying to happen here.

    So I called Danny at Rock Slide and he created a custom medium version for me. Same 59 mm length, just a bigger ring size 8.5-11. How’s that for service?! Rock Slide rules!!

    M. Scola

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