Aged Nickel Guitar Slide



Aged Nickel Guitar Slide

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If you are into tweed and worn out looking gear these are for you. These resemble something from the bottom of the Bayou. Grittier than a standard polished nickel slide for a little extra growl and string drag.  We individually hand age these using a multi-step recipe of destruction so appearance will vary on each guitar slide.


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2 reviews for Aged Nickel Guitar Slide

  1. Will

    Just got this a couple weeks ago and it’s been hard to use any other slide since! I love it because it plays smooth similar to how a glass slide would, but you get a different, more bold sound out of it. Somewhere between the thick sound you get with a glass slide and the more brittle high end you get with a brass one, depending on how you play it. And as per usual with rock slide, it’s also really comfortable to play. Even with low action!

  2. Dustin

    11/10. Best guitar slides on the market.

    As far as quality of product, you can’t get much better than this. The internal taper is a huge benefit, and the outer groove ensures you have a comfortable rest for the founder next to the slide.
    The sound is out of this world! The tone is absolutely perfect, and the slide works great, even on a guitar with a low action. This is the best slide on the market, and Danny is incredibly helpful, and very knowledgeable. I asked for a recommendation and he gave me some great info on the slides.

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