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Aged Brass Balltip Guitar Slide


Aged Brass Balltip Guitar Slide

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If you are into tweed and worn out looking gear these are for you.  Tonally they sound similar to a standard brass balltip Rock Slide, but they resemble something from the bottom of the Bayou.  We individually hand age these using a multi-step recipe of destruction.  They have a smooth finish for playability.

Each slide is aged by hand. Appearance will vary  from slide to slide.

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1 review for Aged Brass Balltip Guitar Slide

  1. Bob

    Simply put, this is the best slide I have ever played. The look, the feel, and the sound is perfect.

    I first tried it on my Guild acoustic and compared it to my Dunlop slide. Well, it wasn’t much of a comparison… the Dunlop is wimpy in volume compared to the balltip slide. Not to mention that I feel in complete control of the rock slide. My Guild is very picky about certain things sounding just right (the right strings, the right pick, the right slide, etc). This is the best sounding slide I have tried on my acoustic.

    Then I tried my electric; this is a tricky one as the action on my Dot is relatively low with 10 gauge strings. The Dunlop was pretty nice. The Rock Slide is in a league of its own. It had the sound and feel I was after: the kind that inspires me to just play.

    I am a beginner when it comes to slide, but when I hear the sound I’m after, I know it. This is “it”.

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