Not Just A Piece Of Pipe!

Slide More – Fret Less!  Slide guitar is hard enough. Our signature tapered interior, knuckle cutaway and finger rest make it a little easier.

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Tapered Interior

The Rock Slide® IS the original tapered interior guitar slide. This provides a small feeling slide that fits snugly, yet has great weight for tone.

Cutaway & Finger Rest

The slide is cutaway so you can bend your finger and not get pinched. Gain extra control and comfort with the dished finger rest.
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Featured Rock Slide Artists

Troy Krusz

“The Rock Slide is the most inspiring and intuitive slide I’ve ever used. It’s very simply the best slide you can buy today.” – Troy  

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Chris Shiflett – Foo Fighters

I can’t play without my Rock Slide.

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Dave Keuning – Killers

“Love ’em, I have a full set of Rock Slides at my house and my studio”   Dave Keuning

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Antar Goodwin

When I asked why Rock Slide‘s are my favorite A. Sound and Design B. Feel and Look C. Weight and Playability D.  All of the above Definitely D.

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Boo Massey – Miranda Lambert

These are my favorite slides of all time! They excel in tone and design! I definitely feel like a play slide a whole lot better with these bad boys!

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Dave Kilminster – Roger Waters

A slide that’s actually contoured for your finger!! Amazing!!!

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Ariel Posen

“The Rock Slide is my absolute favourite. I’ve never used another one that feels, sounds and reacts as good as my Rock Slides. I swear by these slides.”

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Joey Landreth – The Bros. Landreth

There’s a worn out spot in my jeans where my rock slides live…

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Brent Wilson – Trace Adkins

Both the medium brass and glass are very nicely weighted and have a great tone. The taper and cutaway make a big difference as well. Worth every penny!

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Myles Kennedy – Slash, Alterbridge

Its incredible that such a simple modification to the slide could…

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Ben Miller – Jamie Lynn Spears

The Rock Slide fits like that old pair of jeans, worn in just right. I’ll never use any other slide.

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