The Bros. Landreth Signature Guitar Slide


The Bros. Landreth Signature Guitar Slide

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We met Ariel Posen and Joey Landreth  through our website where they started out as customers.  Joey eventually sent us a copy of their album “Let it Lie”.  When we listened to it we were floored by 4 part vocal harmonies, acoustic, dobro, and straight up rock with a hint of country.  It’s no wonder they are Juno Award winners and touring internationally.  Over the years, we have become friends and recently developed a signature slide for each of them.

Joey’s guitar slide is a modified version of our original small brass slide.  We stretched it out to 2 1/8 – inch length compared to the original 1 3/4 – inch length.  This gives some added weight and full string coverage.

Ariel’s guitar slide, like Joey’s, is a stretched out version of our original small brass balltip.  The balltip adds even more weight for long sustain and gives him the ability to play on the tip.


3 reviews for The Bros. Landreth Signature Guitar Slide

  1. 5 out of 5


    Customer service 5/5… nothing more to say!
    Quality 5/5… nothing more to say!
    Packing 2/5… Not the best quality and also very large so it takes a big space with no need for that. I am surprised many people like the packing!
    Sound 5/5… Again nothing more to say!
    Size 5/5.. and here comes what i need to say… I have relatively small fingers and i use the slide on my pinkie. The Joey Landreth slide is a perfect fit for me. The length is good but i think i must mention that the standard brass slide with the shorter length would be unusable for me. This is simply why i bought this one. I did not know of Joey Landreth before i checked this website and when i checked his music, i found it is also not my favorite!
    What i am trying to say is that the dimensions on this slide should be the standard dimensions not a signature model for any guitar player.
    I am very very much interested in a glass model with the same fit and length but unfortunately it does not exist!!!

  2. 5 out of 5


    BluesBoy must be off his meds.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Ariel slide is perfect. Been using a socket for years for string coverage and weight. This slide does both and provides more accuracy. Excellent.

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