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Not Just A Piece Of Pipe!

Tapered Interior

The standout feature of the Rock Slide is the tapered interior. This provides a small feeling slide that fits snugly, yet has great weight for tone.

Cutaway & Finger Rest

The slide is cutaway where you bend your finger so it doesn't pinch. Gain extra control with the finger rest, positioned slightly behind the leading edge of the slide as it contacts the strings.

Tone and Finish

These slides are solid brass and have tone for days! The finish that we apply to them also make them stunning. You'll want to brag about them at every gig!
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Featured Rock Slide Artists

Myles Kennedy • Slash, Alterbridge

Its incredible that such a simple modification to the slide could…

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Pete Anderson • Legendary Blues Roots Singer, Producer

In 30 years of playing slide guitar, it’s hard to imagine…

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Dave Keuning – Killers

He’s Rocking a Songhurst Guitar!   “Love ‘em, I have a full set of Rock Slides at my house and my studio”   Dave Keuning

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Joey Landreth – The Bros. Landreth

There’s a worn out spot in my jeans where my rock slides live…

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Brent Wilson – Sara Evans Band

Both the medium brass and glass are very nicely weighted and have a great tone. The taper and cutaway make a big difference as well. Worth every penny!

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Billy Cassis & Ray Wylie Hubbard

Bob Schneider/SRV & Double Trouble.

I found this shot of Ray Wylie Hubbard and myself sliding around w/ Rockslides and thought you’d get a kick out of it.

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Bryan Bassett – FOGHAT

I have a little story to tell you. I returned from Philly where we are rehearsing for our upcoming tour. While setting up my rig I spy this gold glint on a

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Ben Miller – Jamie Lynn Spears

The Rock Slide fits like that old pair of jeans, worn in just right. I’ll never use any other slide.

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Jimmy Vaughn

Rock Slide® Customer

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Barry Stock • Three Days Grace

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Travis Stanley • Art of Dying

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